BANDY Football50 SHARK na trawie






Grass field for AZETX Football SHARK System

You can easily spread the football rink on grass surfaces – both artificial and natural. Our system does not require surface preparation. You have a place to train, set up Azetx bands and conduct your classes.


There are boards for every age group. Create your training at school, hall, beach or city to promote your sports club.

Any configuration on grass

Every day, you can freely shape the football pitch for training. Conduct training for the youngest for 2 or 4 goals. You can create various training plans with our SHARK system.

Natural or synthetic grass

It does not matter whether you train on a natural or synthetic surface – the Football50 football field will work in all conditions.

Narożnik bandy od wew z naklejką - Azetx Football50
Boisko Football shakr całośc
Boisko do piłki nożnej Football50 po długości

Bandy do piłki nożnej Football50 na hali



FOOTBALL 50 Indoor



The surface of the sports hall and the Football50 Shark system

The system developed by Azetx enables modular configuration of pitches into any shape. The assembly of the football bands takes place in a few minutes. All modules are located on a mobile trolley, you remove the boards and arrange any configuration for training.


There are bands for every age group. Create your training in a sports hall using a few basic modules. Everything is placed on an ergonomic trolley for storing and transporting football bands. Connect the modules with the upper connector, fastening the individual modules with an expander.

Any type of soccer goal combined with the Football50 Shark system

It doesn’t matter whith what goals you train at your club. You have sports equipment from different manufacturers, you will use it during training with the Azetx FOOTBALL50 Shark bands.

Football50 Shark connection system

Simple solutions are the hardest to design. It was also created and implemented after testing for production. The system of connectors stiffens the joints to the maximum – we used symmetrical connectors with internal stops in the upper pipes. The boards withstand high impact force and do not deform at the connection of modules. The counterweight hidden in the fin strengthens and stabilizes the entire system of the football field.

Boisko do piłki nożnej Football shark na hali sportowej
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Łącznik Football50 uniwersalny do bramki_1_80%
Boisko Football Shark na hali sportowej
Łącznik Football50 uniwersalny do bramki
Łącznik Football50 uniwersalny do bramki